Dahua 8 Channel AI Network Video Recorder (DHI-NVR2108HS-I)

This AI network video recorder is a highly cost-effective economical product, providing functions such as local live view, multi-screen display, real-time storage on local HDD, fast operation by mouse, and remote management and control. This product is suitable for face detection and recognition at entrances/exits, and perimeter protection of people and vehicles.

Face detection is to detect if there is any human face appearing in the video. This technology adopts a deep learning algorithm to support face detection, tracking, optimization and capturing, and then output the best face snapshot.

Face recognition is to figure out the captured face with target features, and compare them with the face database to identify the personnel

Based on the deep learning algorithm, perimeter protection provides accurate human and vehicle classification detection. It greatly reduces false alarms by smartly detecting behaviors such as tripwire and intrusion according to the detected object in restricted areas (e.g., for human or vehicle).

* New 4.0 user interface

* Remote surveillance, live view and video play on mobile phone App

* Max. Decoding Capability: 4 × 1080P@30fps. Supports adaptive decoding

* Supports mainstream cameras of ONVIF and RTSP protocols

* H.264/.H265/Smart H.264+/Smart H.265+/MJPEG, H.265 auto switch

* 1 VGA / 1 HDMI simultaneous video output by default, the maximum resolution of HDMI is 4K; and non-simultaneous video output is also supported, the maximum resolution is 1080P

* 1-channel face detection and recognition (AI by NVR); or 2-channel perimeter detection (AI by NVR); or 4-channel SMD (AI by NVR); up to 10 face databases and 5,000 face images

* All-channel AI by camera: face detection and comparison, perimeter protection and Smart Motion Detection

* Security baseline 2.1

* Smart Motion Detection

* Dimension (W×L×H): 260mm × 232.7mm × 47.6mm

* Net Weight: 810gm (1.79lb)

* Option: Supply Only / Supply and Install

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