Intelligent AI Customer Call Centre

* Let the smart robot help you to establish the challenging part in building communication with potential customer and customer service. Our AI system can be programmed to assist your company in contacting your customer from product branding, customer service, customer enquiry and many more.

* Statistical Reports: statistics of call quality, task overview, call status, number of customers, task volume, digital large screen

* Dashboard: task creation, number search, time selection, call history, hang-up judgment, blacklist, ABTEST, intelligent call-in

* Call Details: call quality, detailed view, quick sharing, micro workbench

* Call Configuration: support manual operations for hanging up and call transfer according to the maximum call duration, cumulative unrecognized, number of questions, repeated questions, cumulative no response, etc.

* Call Settings: time period settings, score settings, label settings, re-call rules, interface docking

* Speech Design: canvas type speech design, support query speech, highlight common, context, special and lack of recording, support design speech according to main process, special, question, affirmation, negation, node, etc., support full screen and jpg Download logic diagram, support contextual dialogue

* Dialogue Test: support text and voice dialogue test

* Quick Recording: with a separate recording page, you can quickly configure audio upload, support online recording

* Definition of Special Situations: set up and respond to special situations in the process of man-machine dialogue

* Speech Skills Training: support to collect all unidentified speech skills, and statistics according to time and frequency, which can be quickly processed and configured.

* Support node jumping when required by user

* Thesaurus: supports error correction words, stop words, and cohesive words

* Speaking Sharing: support copying, exporting, importing, sharing speaking

* RPA Process Automation: instructions less code process design, through the storage instructions (speech, outbound call end, inbound call end, monitoring call status) to the basic command operation output value function command label, realize the message after the call , WeChat, email and other related operations. You can quickly set instructions. )

* Mail and SMS Settings: support custom mail template information, SMTP server custom configuration

* Team Management: support separation of permissions between sub-accounts and parent accounts, and support for manual transfer

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