Solar Sensor Street Light

* Model Availability: 30W and 60W

* Battery Type: Li-Ion Battery (3.7V / 7500mAh)

* Installation and Mounting: wall or any type of pole (accessories to be purchased separately)

* Operating Mode: Power Saving Mode: Continuous 40% brightness at night time; Automatic Mode: Automatically switch between 100% brightness (when activities detected) and 30% brightness (when no activities detected); On-Off Mode: Light On (when activities detected), Light Off (when no activities detected)

Important note:

* Find a location where the unit's solar panel can receive direct sunlight for at least 8 hour each day to achieve best result

* Avoid any shadow casting over the solar panel that may affect battery recharging or other light sources nearby to prevent incorrect light sensing during night time.

* First time use: Switch off the light during the first day to allow battery to be charged to its maximum capacity.8 hours of direct sunlight is recommended

* In the event of undesirable weather condition causing the battery not properly charged, its insufficient battery power may affect the light operating duration. In this case, switch off the unit and let the battery be charged to its maximum capacity (do allow a 72-hour recharging period in good weather) before resuming normal operation.

* For battery replacement, DO NOT mix old battery with new ones of different type of battery. Remove the batteries if the light is to be left unused for long period.

* Option: Supply Only / Supply and Install

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